5 min warm up (increase pace EMOM)

3 min up/downs (30/30)

1 min rest

3 min up/downs (30/30)

2 min rest

5 min interval

2 min rest

5 min interval

2 min rest

7 min hill

5 min cool down

2 Rounds: Jane Fonda’s, 50 shoulder hand jobs

3 rounds: pec/lat stretch, shoulder lacrosse ball smash, hip flexor stretch, frog stretch



Warm: 4 rounds: 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 squats, 5 pvc shoulder dislocates

1 RM Bench Press

6×2 Bench Press (85% 1 RM), pigeon stretch

6×5 Deadlift (ecc), 2 Broad Jumps, Tricep Stretch

6×5 Man Makers, 5 Back Flies, Toe Touch


Work Capacity

Warm: 3 rounds: 10 shuttles, 10 squats, 10 pushups, pigeon stretch

5 min max distance Farmer’s Carry (53/35)

-rest 2 min-

5 RFT: 10 wall balls (20/14), 10 chin ups

-rest 2 min-

5 rounds: 15 dips, :30 sec rest

4 Rounds: 15 weighted situps, 15 Russian twists (weighted), :30 sec side plank (each), 15 fdbe

3 Rounds: frog stretch, banded tricep stretch, pec/lat stretch



Warm: 4 rounds: 10 hang cleans, 10 pushups, 10 situps, 5 dislocates

1 RM Hang Clean

5×2 Hang Clean (85% 1 RM), wall squat

6×5 Strict Press (ecc), 5 Barbell Rows (ecc), hip flexor stretch

6×8 Back Squat, 4 Squat Jumps, 5 laying shoulder rotations (alt sides each round)

Training vs Working out

So lately I have been asked a lot of questions as to why I refer to my time in the gym as “training” sessions and not “working out”. Many people out there do not understand the difference between the two terms. These terms are not interchangeable. So I am here to explain in my mind and words what the difference is to me. Now every coach will have their personal definitions of each so I need to stress this is just my personal opinion.

The biggest difference between training and working out is that training, you have a set goal you are trying to reach and your training sessions reflect that goal. Your training progresses and changes to allow yourself to achieve whatever goal you have set (See Chris’ post on setting proper goals. Without a proper goal your training sessions will suffer and become more like working out). You are not going into a gym and winging it, you have a plan for what you want to achieve during each session. On the other hand working out has no purpose. There’s no plan and no direction during your time in the gym. You go in, lift some weights for no reason other than to maybe look a little better and be a little healthier. But ultimately you have no idea why you’re doing what you’re doing in the gym. Many people lose enthusiasm with working out because of this. We want to avoid this at all cost. We at RFT Coaching have plans for all of you to be in overall better shape. We have set standards we want you all to reach and program our workouts accordingly to help you reach those goals. But you need to make sure you have goals set for yourself to make sure you have that drive to want to get better. We can write workouts all day long, but if you just come in without your own goals then you’ll end up just going through the motions during a training session and won’t get as much out of it. So ladies and gentlemen, make sure every time you come into RFT Coaching (or whatever gym you choose), you come in with a goal in mind and a plan to train hard that day and every day.

I’ll leave you a quote from an organization we feel have very similar goals for their clients and who we actually imitate their training methods. “Stop working out, start training. The former gets you beach body abs, the latter brings you longevity and purpose to your career [and life]”.

-Coach Matt





Work Capacity

Warm: 3 rounds: 10 shuttles, 10 squats, 10 pushups, toe touch

20-15-10-5: pullups, deadlift (185/155), situps

7 RFT: 10 jingle jangles, 10 single arm kb swings (53/35) (alternate sides each round)

4 rounds: 15 reverse, 10 external oblique rotations, 1:00 plank, 10 good mornings

3 rounds: banded shoulder stretch, 6 windmills, wall squat stretch




5 min warmup (increase pace every min)

2x 6 min intervals, 3 min rest

2x 5 min intervals, 2:30 rest

2x 4 min intervals, 2 min rest

5 min cool down

4 rounds: 15 situps, 10 Russian twists, :30 side plank (each), 10 fdbe




Warm: 4 rounds: 10 hang cleans, 10 lunges,  chin ups, frog stretch

1 RM Craig Special (1 hang squat clean + 1 front squat)

5×2 Craig Special (85% 1 RM), banded tricep stretch

6×5 weighted lunges (each), 2 box jumps, pec/lat

6×8 bench press, 8 pull-ups, pigeon stretch


Work Capacity

Warm: 10 squats, 10 good mornings, 5 pull-ups, hip flexor stretch

21-15-9: pushups, jumping squats

-rest 2 min-

AMRAP 5 min: 50′ bear crawl, 5 clean and presses (75/55)

-rest 2 min-

5 rounds: 1 mini leg blaster, 30 sec rest (mini leg blaster= 10 squats, 10 lunges, 10 jump lunges, 5 jump squats)

LB Complex

3 rounds: wall squat, 5 shoulder dislocates, pec/lat stretch

Time to Rethink Your Goals

Well boys and girls, it’s that time of year again. The sun is starting to come out, the parks are starting to come alive again and of course people are dropping out of the gym like rats from a sinking ship. Why are all the people who had weight loss goals¬†suddenly ditching their fitness plans this time of year? I can think of a few reasons, just as I’m sure you can as well, but lets be honest, the ones quitting right now are the ones with crappy goals.

That’s right, I said it. All the people who are dropping their big box gym memberships had poorly planned and misconceived goals. In fact most had only 1 goal: LOSE WEIGHT. Let me tell you a little about this goal, it’s complete and absolute garbage.

Ask yourself: if you achieved that weight loss goal tomorrow, what would happen? You’d probably stop going to the gym and enjoy your hard earned rewards right?! It’s the act of having a stopping point that makes this goal a poorly conceived one. This is exactly how fad diets work too. Ever wonder why your friend is constantly on the latest diet? It’s because they work, for awhile, then the affects don’t stick once they come off it and they have to do another one (probably even more restrictive). Same thing happens when goals like this are achieved. People lose that 5 pounds, then stop going to the gym, then they gain the weight back and the next time it’s harder to lose it. This type of goal is the fad diet of the fitness industry! And it’s what those big box gyms are hoping for with those year long contracts. Don’t kid yourself, they want you to quit this time of year and never use them again all while they charge you $20 per month.

So what kind of goals do we encourage at RFT Coaching? We start by looking long term 6-12 months out. Training in the gym is not about short term gains, it’s about long term life changes (aka “the grind”). As coaches we encourage you to set high goals, maybe register for an event in 6 months that you’re not quite ready for (we like obstacle course races), or simply hitting the strength standards we have set for the various lifts based on your gender (yes they are hard). Maybe it’s getting your first pull up, or moving to full pushups. These types of goals are very challenging to get, have measurable standards, and can be progressed further once they are achieved. The biggest difference here is that we are looking at improved¬†performance as the goal, as opposed to simple aesthetics. As the years go on, goals change and how you approach your training should too, periodization is very important and we will touch on the different phases and why we train certain ways in later entries.

So make those plans, set that lofty goal, and find a coach you trust, even if it’s not us. Find someone who believes in your goal just as much as you do. That’s the mark of a good coach, they want you to have everything that you want for yourself, and they won’t let you quit on it. Sometimes you will hate your coach, and sometimes you’re going to want to quit, but just like a good friend who tells you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it, a good coach will push you to be the best you that you can be.

The most interesting thing you’ll find with setting these goals is that looks are a by product of performance. So once you take that leap and switch your thinking, not only will you see your performances improve, but the looks that you want will follow, and above all, your self confidence will improve which is the sexiest thing anyone can have.

Aspera Non Spernit


– Coach Chris




Warm: 4 rounds: 10 strict presses (45/35), 10 squats, 10 situps, pec/lat stretch

1 RM Strict Press

6×2 strict press (85% 1RM), pigeon stretch

5×4 hang cleans, 6 db bench rows, toe touch

6×8 deadlift, 4 box jumps, 5 dislocates


Work Capacity

Warm: 3 rounds: 10 lunges, 5 chin ups, 10 shuttles, wall squat stretch

AMRAP 20 min: 10 bag over shoulders (60/40), 10 reverse crunches, 7 pull ups

4 Rounds: 15 situps, 10 banded oblique rotations (each side), :30 side plank (each), 10 fdbe

3 rounds: banded shoulder stretch, 5 pvc windmills, pigeon stretch



Warm: 4 Rounds: 10 front squats (45/35), 10 pushups, 10 good mornings, hip flexor stretch

1 RM front squat

6×2 front squat, 5 shoulder dislocates

6×5 Arnold press, 5 curls, frog stretch

6×5 Mr. Spectaculars, 2 broad jumps, pec/lat stretch