How Working Out In Groups Could Be Better For You

Have you ever set a physical fitness goal and had a hard time achieving it? Maybe you wanted to go to the gym three times a week or do a home workout every morning but just couldn’t find the motivation. If that scenario sounds familiar, maybe the issue was with the type of workouts you were engaging in — and doing it alone.

A recent study showed that group workouts vs. working out alone provide numerous benefits for your mind and body. We’re going to take a look at those benefits and why choosing a group workout class might be the best choice for your physical fitness.

Working Out With Others Promotes Better Overall Health

In a world where so much of our time is spent glued to a screen, there’s a true value in spending time with others. According to a study conducted by The University of New England In Australia, those who worked out in groups over a 12-week period reported an improved mental, physical, and emotional state. Those who worked out alone only reported an improved physical state.

Can Group Workouts Provide Extra Motivation?

If you’re looking to improve your physical fitness, it’s important to put forth your best throughout your entire workout. Recent studies have shown that when you exercise with others, you’re motivated to work harder during workouts, to exercise for longer periods of time, and are more likely to try new things. All these factors help to promote your overall fitness.

Can Workouts With Friends Lower Your Stress?

Less stress and an improved mental state are often a goal of people who engage in workouts. In the same study mentioned above, the individuals who participated in group fitness classes reported a 26.2% drop in perceived stress levels and a 12.6% increase in their perceived mental state. The individuals who engaged in workouts alone did not report any substantial changes in mental state.

When you’re working to achieve a fitness goal, whether it’s training for an obstacle course race or improving your health, it’s important to have fun. Remember, a fun workout regimen is a sustainable one!

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The Top 5 Benefits of Strength Training

When you’re working out, there’s no doubt about it – strength matters. When your body is strong, there’s no limit to what you can do. That’s why strength and conditioning courses are the ideal foundation for building a fitness routine. Here, we’re going to take a look at the top 5 benefits of strength training and why enrolling in a group fitness class is one of the best decisions you can make for your physical health.

How Strength Training Improves Physical Fitness

Strength training is specifically designed to improve your overall physical fitness. Each workout consists of a variety of activities that target multiple areas of your body. One of the main areas that strength training improves is your core. Improved core strength makes it possible for you to build and tone muscles in other areas of your body and improve your physical fitness.

Can Strength Training Reduce the Risk of Injury?

While participating in a physical workout class or working toward a physical fitness goal, there are multiple instances when an injury could occur. By creating a foundation of physical strength through strength training, you increase the strength of your bones and muscles. When your bones and muscles are strong, they’re less likely to get injured. 

How Can Strength Training Increase Flexibility?

Flexibility is essential to achieving top physical fitness goals. When you target different areas of your body during strength training, the flexibility of your core muscle group improves, making it easier to perform a variety of physical activities. Flexibility also improves your posture and mobility and helps you achieve a better physical appearance.

How Strength Training Promotes Body Health

If you want to improve your physical body, you have to improve your health as well. Eating healthy, well-rounded meals is key to your health. However, strength training helps as well by improving your metabolism and making it easier for your body to digest food. Furthermore, when your body is in top physical condition, it’s better prepared to fight off germs and viruses that can bring you down.

Ways that Strength Training Boosts Your Mood

There’s nothing better for your body than being in a good mood. Strength training provides your body with the exercise it needs to kick up the production of endorphins that boost happiness and help relieve anxiety. Being in a better mood helps you make better food choices and gives you the energy you need to achieve all of your fitness goals.

Enroll in a Team Strength Training and Conditioning Course Near You

If you’re ready to experience the best physical fitness of your life, it’s time to enroll in a strength and conditioning group class at RFT Coaching. We offer a variety of group classes and access to personal coaches who are dedicated to providing you with the support you need. The staff at RFT Coaching have backgrounds in team sports, endurance sports, and the military.

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Top Tips For Boosting Your Endurance

When it comes to achieving big fitness goals, endurance plays a key role. In the physical fitness world, endurance is how well you can endure both cardiovascular and physical strain. Improving your endurance allows you to work longer and harder to improve your body. Therefore, whether you’re training for an obstacle course race, training to break a record, or training to become a better athlete, endurance is your friend. To boost your endurance so you can become the best version of yourself, take a look at these three tips!

How Can You Create A Strong Foundation of Strength?

To achieve top endurance, foundational strength is essential. Foundational muscle groups include your core, legs, arms, and cardiovascular system. The best way to build strong core muscles is through strength training. Group fitness classes and personal coaching are both ideal ways to gain a strong foundation of strength.

What Are the Best Ways to Engage In Active Recovery?

All workout plans have days and periods for recovery. The key to building endurance is to take advantage of those periods by engaging in active recovery. Instead of taking entire days off, take a recovery day to engage in yoga or stretching exercises. Likewise, between high-intensity sprints, take a light jog instead of sitting down to rest. Keeping your muscles in similar motion throughout recovery times will help you build endurance.  

How to Maintain Variety In Your Workout

Doing the same workout over and over again will not help you build endurance. To build endurance you must engage your body in a variety of physical activities. Many personal coaches recommend combining strength training, cardiovascular workouts, and HIIT workouts to create a well-rounded physical activity plan that works to build endurance. 

Build Power

A key to endurance is creating power behind your movement. Plyometrics are an ideal way to build powerful muscles. Examples of plyometric exercises include:

  • Jumping rope
  • Box jumps
  • Skipping
  • Hopping
  • Lunges
  • Jump squats 

Incorporating these activities into your workouts will help your muscles become familiar with impact and be able to endure longer and harder physical activity.


Last, to build endurance you must commit to your physical routine. Skipped workouts or workouts where you do not give it your all do little to increase what you’re able to endure. If you want to be the best physical version of yourself, you must commit to becoming that person – no excuses. Find ways to keep yourself motivated such as reading books, following fitness blogs, or keeping an activity tracker. 

Enroll at RFT Coaching to Improve Your Endurance

If you’re ready to commit to your physical goals and build your endurance, then it’s time to enroll at RFT Coaching. We offer a variety of team strength and conditioning classes as well as OCR Training, Mountain Fitness, and Personal Coaching. To improve your endurance, we highly recommend personal coaching sessions. Our founder, Chris Judy, has a background in endurance sports and will work alongside you to create a one-of-a-kind fitness plan that engages your core muscles and builds endurance. 

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