Motivation Issues

Recently, I’ve had motivation issues, my wife has had motivation issues, some of our clients have had motivation issues. Motivation can be hard to come by, especially when things aren’t going the way you want. It’s hard to get up and train at 5 or 6 am. It’s hard to train after work, when it’s 95 degrees outside and you’ve had a rough day. It’s easy to stay home and sleep in. It’s easier to drive straight home, grab a drink and watch a television show on the couch. Life isn’t easy, adding a strict workout plan makes it harder. The workouts are hard, getting up is hard, having the energy every day to get yourself to the gym is hard. But that’s why you train. Because it’s hard, and you enjoy seeing just how far you can push yourself. It’s an awesome feeling lifting a weight that is the heaviest you have ever lifted in your life. It’s a good feeling to walk in and see a workout that just looks so brutal that for a split second you think about just going home. But you stay, you push through and you complete that workout.

Right now, I feel many of our athletes are struggling with motivation. Classes have been small, minus a few here and there. It’s even harder to get the energy to come to the gym when you know it’s going to be a small class and you may be suffering by yourself. What I have noticed is our biggest class right now, by far, is the OCR class. That’s because the Utah Spartan race is coming up in 2 weeks. They have a goal to complete that race to the best of their abilities, and that goal is coming up quick! Coming to the gym without a goal is just going through the motions. One of the first blogs we posted, talked about the difference between working out and training. I would highly recommend giving that and our blogs about goal setting a read. Changing your mindset is hard, you don’t go from being a home body who likes fast food to an avid gym goer with a healthy diet by just deciding one day you want to. You need to set goals, long term goals and short-term goals that lead you to the life and lifestyle you want. We as coaches at RFT cannot make them for you. We have goals for all of you as well. But we can’t make you come to the gym and lift the weights or work as hard as we want you to. Your goals will be the goals that drive you to do this. I would highly recommend you all have a serious sit down with yourself, especially if you’ve been lacking motivation, and ask yourself what it is you want. What do you hope to get out of your training? Part of our jobs as coaches is to help you with this. If you have a question about how to create a good goal, ask us. If you have a goal but aren’t quite sure how to get yourself there, ask us. You come to the gym for the workouts, the atmosphere and the coaching.  We can’t help you if you’re not in the gym. Everyone will have times they struggle to get into the gym, even your coaches. Find out your goals, make new goals constantly, and ask for help if you need or want it. That’s what we’re here for.


-Coach Matt

21 Guns

The 29th of May will mark a day that is very important to Chris and I. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for all of those that have sacrificed their lives for this country. We hold a tribute workout every year that is always talked about as the hardest workout we do. We honor those that have fallen the only way we know how: with sweat, hard work, pain and beer. Chris and I have noticed that many other gyms hold similar difficult workouts on Memorial Day to honor the fallen. However, our biggest issue with them is they tend to do Murph (a common CrossFit workout) or some other tribute workout dedicated to or named after a single person. Now these named tribute workouts are great, the men and women they are named after are heroes. Those men and women have done extraordinary things for their brothers and sisters in arms as well as for this country. But Memorial Day is not about one man or woman. Memorial Day is about all service members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. This is why RFT Coaching hosts a tribute workout named “21 Guns”. The 21 gun salute is customary at military funerals and we feel, better symbolizes the Memorial Day meaning. We ask that if you know someone who has paid the ultimate sacrifice, keep them in your thoughts and hearts during this workout, but understand this day is to honor every man and woman who has given up everything for this country.



Fitness Test

Warm 3 rds: 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, wall squat

Max reps Front squats (BW/75% BW)

Max reps Bench press (BW/75% BW)

Max reps pull ups

Rope climb

5 rds: 40′ shuttles (1 min on/1 min off)

10 mins: KB get ups


Work Capacity

Warm 3 rds: 10 shuttles, 5 chin ups, 10 good mornings, frog

100 KB swings (53/35), 80 lunges, 60 dynamic push ups (4”/2”), 40 wall balls (20/14), 20 pull ups, 10 KB get ups (53/35)  * 100′ bear crawl after each movement

LB complex

3 rds: 5 dislocates, toe touch, Pec/lat



Warm 3 rds: 10 strict press (45/35), 10 lunges, 10 sit ups, Pec/lat

1 RM Strict press

6×2 Strict Press (80%) (ecc), wall squat

5×4 Hang cleans, 5 pull ups (ecc), pigeon

6×5 Front squats (ecc), 2 box jumps, banded triceps


Work Capacity

Warm 3 rds: 10 shuttles, 5 chin ups, 10 sit ups, butterfly

10 min AMRAP: 200 m run, 10 lunges, 10 push ups, 20 flutter kicks (ea)


10 min AMRAP: 5 pull ups, 10 squats, 10 sit ups, 50′ bear

4 rds: 10 hip raises, 1:00 front plank, 10 high to low bands, :30 superman

3 rds: Pec/lat, ankle mobility, triceps



Warm 3 rds: 10 deadlifts (95/75), 10 push ups, 10 good mornings, wall squat

1 RM Deadlift

6×2 Deadlift (80%) (ecc), pec/lat

6×5 Barbell row (ecc), 5 DB strict press (ecc), toe touch

5×5 Mr Spectaculars, 2 box jumps, banded shoulder


Work Capacity

Warm 3 rds: 10 shuttles, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, wall squat

5 RFT: 10 dips, 10 push ups, 10 squats


5 min AMRAP: 10 SA KB cleans (53/35), 10 lunges, 10 sit ups


5 min ETOT: 5 burpees

4 rds: 10 hip raises, :30 side plank (ea), 10 oblique raises (ea), 10 FDBE



Warm 3 rds: 10 hang cleans (65/45), 5 chin ups, 10 good mornings, hip flexor

1 RM Power clean to press

5×2 Power clean to press (85%), banded triceps

6×5 Front squats (ecc), 2 jump squats, 5 dislocates

6×5 DB bench press (ecc), 5 upright rows (ecc), pigeon



Warm 3 rds: 100′ high knees, 100′ butt kickers, 100′ grapevine, 10 dips, 10 good mornings, ankle mobility

10×400 m (3:45)

2 rds: Jane Fonda’s, 50 SHj’s