21 Guns

The 29th of May will mark a day that is very important to Chris and I. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for all of those that have sacrificed their lives for this country. We hold a tribute workout every year that is always talked about as the hardest workout we do. We honor those that have fallen the only way we know how: with sweat, hard work, pain and beer. Chris and I have noticed that many other gyms hold similar difficult workouts on Memorial Day to honor the fallen. However, our biggest issue with them is they tend to do Murph (a common CrossFit workout) or some other tribute workout dedicated to or named after a single person. Now these named tribute workouts are great, the men and women they are named after are heroes. Those men and women have done extraordinary things for their brothers and sisters in arms as well as for this country. But Memorial Day is not about one man or woman. Memorial Day is about all service members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. This is why RFT Coaching hosts a tribute workout named “21 Guns”. The 21 gun salute is customary at military funerals and we feel, better symbolizes the Memorial Day meaning. We ask that if you know someone who has paid the ultimate sacrifice, keep them in your thoughts and hearts during this workout, but understand this day is to honor every man and woman who has given up everything for this country.