Memorial Day

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, for many of you that means BBQs, family meals, and the beginning of summer. For those that have worn a uniform or those that love them, this day means much more. This is the day we remember our friends and our brother and sisters that paid the ultimate price in defense of our nation. I personally have a couple of people in mind every time this day comes around, and with every passing year this list seems to grow a little more, such is the way of my old profession.

This year we will be holding our annual Memorial Day workout. It will not be easy, you will suffer, but this is the way we do things in the warrior class. We suffer for those that can suffer no longer. Keep this in mind tomorrow as you join us, remember why you’re holding that weight or doing those burpees. We will honor our dead with our sweat and pain so we will never forget their sacrifice.

If you cannot join us tomorrow morning, we encourage you to do the workout on your own or with a group elsewhere. Nothing fancy about this one, just simple, brutal work.

Semper Fidelis and RLTW