How Working Out In Groups Could Be Better For You

Have you ever set a physical fitness goal and had a hard time achieving it? Maybe you wanted to go to the gym three times a week or do a home workout every morning but just couldn’t find the motivation. If that scenario sounds familiar, maybe the issue was with the type of workouts you were engaging in — and doing it alone.

A recent study showed that group workouts vs. working out alone provide numerous benefits for your mind and body. We’re going to take a look at those benefits and why choosing a group workout class might be the best choice for your physical fitness.

Working Out With Others Promotes Better Overall Health

In a world where so much of our time is spent glued to a screen, there’s a true value in spending time with others. According to a study conducted by The University of New England In Australia, those who worked out in groups over a 12-week period reported an improved mental, physical, and emotional state. Those who worked out alone only reported an improved physical state.

Can Group Workouts Provide Extra Motivation?

If you’re looking to improve your physical fitness, it’s important to put forth your best throughout your entire workout. Recent studies have shown that when you exercise with others, you’re motivated to work harder during workouts, to exercise for longer periods of time, and are more likely to try new things. All these factors help to promote your overall fitness.

Can Workouts With Friends Lower Your Stress?

Less stress and an improved mental state are often a goal of people who engage in workouts. In the same study mentioned above, the individuals who participated in group fitness classes reported a 26.2% drop in perceived stress levels and a 12.6% increase in their perceived mental state. The individuals who engaged in workouts alone did not report any substantial changes in mental state.

When you’re working to achieve a fitness goal, whether it’s training for an obstacle course race or improving your health, it’s important to have fun. Remember, a fun workout regimen is a sustainable one!

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