Tips for Making Fitness a Priority in Your Life

We’ve all been there.

Long, tiring workday. Heavy traffic on the commute home. When you finally get there, you just want to relax, unwind, and put another busy day behind you.

That’s what most of us want, for sure, but did you know there are more enjoyable, more productive and healthier ways to relax and unwind than flopping on the couch and watching TV?

Getting into a regular exercise routine is definitely one of them. Sure, exercise can sound like more work, but done right it can offer you an enormous amount of pleasure and will leave you feeling more vibrant while giving you more energy for the next busy day coming up. 

In fact, putting all the hectic aspects of the day behind you and just enjoying your exercise routine — done at your own pace, in a way that suits you — is going to become a far more effective way to reduce tension than simply grabbing the remote control.

If that isn’t motivation enough, here are some tips for ways to make fitness a priority in your life — and to enjoy your path to getting there.

Start your Fitness Goals With the Right Attitude

 First, set the controls on your attitude about exercising by following these two simple rules:

  1. It’s not a chore or something that makes you groan as you pull into the gym parking lot
  2. Don’t put it on the To-Do list that you mostly ignore

Turning exercising and a fitness plan into a daily routine is something you’re going to find rewarding and invigorating. If exercising doesn’t sound like a way to relax, well, give it a try first before you jump to that conclusion. Taking care of yourself means staying fit, maintaining your health, and most importantly, finding ways to eliminate the tensions and stresses that build up. Welcome to the benefits of a solid fitness program. Even if you have a long workday or bumper-to-bumper commute, making exercising a priority is going to benefit you in the short run, and definitely over the long haul as well.

Another attitude adjustment that you definitely want to make: don’t get hung up on seeing instant results. Don’t expect major changes overnight. Your body has to adjust to the routine, just as you do. 

Don’t Rush Into a Fitness Routine, but Start Slow

The easiest way to become frustrated with a new workout routine is to rush into it and try to accomplish too much. Nobody becomes a veteran marathon athlete overnight. Start out slow, and discover what it is that you enjoy doing, whether it’s preparing for the next big race or scaling the next peak. 

Setting your goals too high is also a surefire way to burn out, so when you’re starting a new routine, set reasonable goals that are easier to accomplish — and build upon them more gradually. 

Look for Friends to Exercise With  

A great way to turn a fitness goal from a temporary fad to a daily commitment is to find friends to exercise with, or make friends with the folks attending your gym on the same days and times as you. Adding a social aspect to fitness can make it something you’ll look forward to rather than something you feel obligated to do. Exercising with friends is also a great way to encourage one another to keep going.

You can make lots of new friends at RFT Coaching, who are all motivated to become fitter, healthier versions of themselves. Being around driven people with clear fitness goals can make it easier to stick to your own resolutions.

Find Days and Times that Work for You in a Fitness Plan

The smartest approach to establishing a successful fitness plan is to make a commitment to doing it every day. You’re going to start seeing better results when you do that, and you’re less likely to feel sluggish or struggle to get back into the routine if you don’t skip days during the week.

The next step is to designate times that work for you. Some people jump out of bed early and head right for the gym since they have the most energy in the morning. Those who are not morning people prefer to go right after work and let all the stress from the office and commute dissipate as they start their workout. And still others prefer to spend their lunch-hour building up a sweat. Everyone is different.

If you start going in the morning and find you have early morning business meetings to attend every Thursday, try to go later in the day to stick to your routine. Make this something you look forward to every day.

The bottom line: a daily commitment helps you avoid procrastinating. And you can find additional motivation by recognizing how important your health is — not just to you, but your family as well. Then enjoy the feeling of being refreshed, invigorated and happy with your decision.

And never give up. Sure, you’ll have the occasional lazy days or times when your work schedule gets out of control. But within just a few months, you’re going to start seeing the changes, and you’re going to feel the difference in your energy levels and reduced stress almost immediately. 

Sign Up for Group Fitness Classes at RFT Coaching

AT RFT Coaching we offer a variety of group fitness classes for people of all skill levels. Some of our most popular classes include OCR Training and Mountain Fitness among many others. If you’re ready to get started on your physical fitness goals and want to have fun while doing it, you can come into RFT Coaching and try a class for yourself. 

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