Top Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Most of us make resolutions every New Year’s Eve for things we’re determined to accomplish over the next 12 months. Some of them are easier to achieve than others, and we always run the risk of falling back into the old patterns we’d hoped to change. So how can you establish some new year’s resolutions — and stick to them?

There are plenty of ways to stay motivated about what you’re hoping to accomplish, and that’s particularly true if your goals are health and fitness related, and include losing weight, eating healthier food, or exercising more  Here are some top ways to remain committed to your new year’s resolutions and not abandon them when February rolls around.

How Do You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions?

If you ended 2019 saying things like “This year, I want to start exercising” or “This year, I plan to take better care of myself,” you deserve credit for making a commitment to some important long-term goals.

As an experienced personal trainer will tell you, getting more exercise, losing weight and eating a more healthful diet are common new year’s resolutions, but far too many flood the gym in January to turn those goals into a reality, only to insist they’ve gotten too busy to stick with it and fall back into their older patterns. How to avoid doing that won’t be easy if you have a busy work schedule, family at home to take care of, and your free time is at a minimum.

But that doesn’t make it impossible. First, remind yourself daily about the reasons you made those resolutions in the first place. Then consider the benefits of not rushing into too many sweeping goals all at once. Pace yourself. Set reasonable goals that might sound modest, but can genuinely lead to positive lifestyle changes. Setting smaller and more attainable goals makes it easier to reach what you’re striving for.

For example, let’s say your goal is to exercise more often. If you have a busy work schedule, don’t worry about struggling to get into the gym every day. Even scheduling a few sessions each week in the beginning is a very positive first step.

What Are Proven Ways to Keep Your Fitness Goals?

A smart rule of thumb is to change one behavior at a time. So for a healthier new year, here are some more tips.

  1. Do exercises that you enjoy. If there’s a sport you like — whether it’s tennis, lifting weights, or swimming — start there. If you love dancing, take a Zumba class. If you’re not sure what you enjoy, try a variety of activities until one of them clicks.
  2. Set milestones that are achievable. You don’t have to be overly ambitious. If you want to lose 20 pounds, this doesn’t have to be something you accomplish overnight. Establish a long-term plan for how to get there — just stick with it.
  3. Find others who share your goals. Finding people who also want to get into shape, exercise more and eat right can give you the motivation to keep going. And there’s no unspoken rule that you have to do it alone. If there’s a group class that looks fun, join in.
  4. Don’t get obsessed with time. You don’t have to do an hour or two at the gym every day to make a difference. If you only have a half hour available, fine, but use it effectively by exercising rather than, say, watching TV on the couch.
  5. Don’t fault yourself for being nervous at first. Committing to something new isn’t easy, and a fear of failing will be there at first. That’s normal. Just keep reminding yourself of the ultimate benefit of sticking with it.

Why Finding a Personal Trainer Helps You  Achieve Your Goals

Most of all, ask for help. You don’t become a fitness expert overnight, so finding a personal trainer who can help you figure out which exercises will be most beneficial for your body is a smart way to get the results you want, and not get discouraged if you don’t see changes happen as quickly as you’d like.

Accepting help can also strengthen your resilience and and is less likely to leave you feeling overwhelmed or unable to meet your goals on your own. Professional help courtesy of a fitness trainer is a good place to start.

Signing up for a regular fitness plan is a terrific first step, and getting expert advice from people who know how to deliver results is a worthwhile investment.

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