Understanding Muscle Strength and Endurance

If you’re getting serious about starting an exercise plan, you might be considering cardio, aerobics or maybe a class like yoga or Zumba. Those are all popular forms of exercise and fitness. But have you thought about how you can enhance your fitness goals through muscle strength and endurance training? 

You might be thinking that’s not for you — you know, muscle work is all about gigantic bodybuilders lifting hundreds of pounds and bulging out of their t-shirts. That’s true for some, but not everybody who starts a fitness plan focused around building muscle strength is looking for colossal abs. In fact, studies indicate that strength training can offer the average person lots of health benefits in their daily lives, and this isn’t about being a committed bodybuilder. 

So, what are some smart reasons to consider a strength training plan?

What Are Some Benefits of Muscle Strength and Endurance Training?

More and more fitness experts recommend that people incorporate weights into their workout routine, from kettlebells to dumbbells. The benefits of doing so, they agree, include:

A Great Way to Burn Body Fat

Studies show that while cardio can be a great fat burner, you stop the burning once you jump off the treadmill. Lifting weights, on the other hand, enables you to keep burning fat all day because lifting weights also increases your lean body mass.

Getting to a More Defined Look

Any man or woman who wants more definition has the option of lifting more and heavier weights to get there. Lifting heavier has been shown to be particularly effective in helping women get more defined.

Weights Help Build New Bones

Lifting weights is a good way to fight Osteoporosis, the disease that reduces the density and quality of bone, making them fragile and more at risk of fracture. Research shows that lifting weights over time helps you maintain bone mass and even build new bone.

Weights are Great for Burning Calories

It isn’t just body fat that takes a beating while lifting weights; studies also show that women who did weight training burned an average of 100 more calories during the 24 hours after their training session ended than ones who relied solely on cardio.

Why Is Muscle Endurance Important in Fitness Plans?

As beneficial as cardio-focused classes are, everyone needs muscular endurance and strength in their day-to-day life. There’s a difference between the two.  

You need muscle endurance for something more than a bulked-up body because it plays a critical role in your day-to-day activities. Doing work around your house or yard, playing with your kids, walking, carrying items like groceries, and being out and active with your friends are all activities that get a benefit from muscule endurance. It prevents fatigue from setting in and enables you to withstand more physical activity while using less energy. Simply put, the more endurance you have, the longer the distance you can go. That improves your muscles’ capabilities to support your daily activities.  

Endurance training measures the amount of time an activity can be performed and increases your stamina, giving you a boost in all your recreational activities. Lifting lighter weights for a higher number of reps can be a successful way to boost endurance and improve how your body feels. Once you’ve tried lifting weights over a period of time, see if you can now spend a longer period of time on the treadmill. If you can, that means your endurance is headed in the right direction. 

Why is Muscle Strength Important to your Health?

Think of endurance as being about how long your muscles can perform. Then think of muscular strength as how hard you’re able to perform. While lighter weights are ideal for endurance workouts, lifting heavier weights for only a few reps helps build strength. Doing that offers you many advantages. It helps you fight bone loss, prevent injuries, and has been shown to reduce your risk of cancer. And the more muscle you add, the more calories your body will burn over the course of the day. Think of it as burning extra calories with no extra effort.

What the Best Way to Understand Muscle Strength and Endurance?

There are different ways to improve muscular strength and endurance, and a gym with fitness coaches on staff can help direct you to the most effective ways to do strength and weight training or weight lifting, using equipment like medicine balls or weight machines. It’s important to use the right techniques, which is why personal coaching sessions are so beneficial. 

Private personal coaching sessions can be the ideal launching point for anyone with a physical fitness goal, including those ready to explore how muscle strength and endurance can help them.

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